Taking life one day at a time

Gabriel-Family-feature image

As Fabiana and Stelios Nikolakakis were expecting their second child they wanted nothing more than a healthy newborn baby. Unfortunately, their reality was very different. Their son, Gabriel, was born at 26 weeks and spent 146 days in the NICU. The doctors spoke a lot about mental delays, physical disabilities, and “50 different things he could develop, but I don’t remember … [Read more...]

A peek inside the world of an Easter Seals family…

Aidan and Sydney

Easter Seals Ontario has run out of funds for financial assistance this year, but, there are kids like Aidan across Ontario who still need our help and are now on a waitlist. Watch the video and meet Aidan: Without your support, families with financial burdens will struggle to offer their children with physical disabilities the opportunities that all kids deserve. In … [Read more...]

Chloe’s family doesn’t know why she can’t walk. But they DO know that Easter Seals is here to support them

Chloe sitting i her new wheelchair

While most of the world is preparing to send their kids back to school, parents Linda and Philip are wondering if their daughter Chloe will ever be able to walk or hold her own head up. Donate to Easter Seals and support families like Chloe’s Chloe was born after a healthy pregnancy and delivery. It was not until she was a few months old that Linda and Philip noticed that … [Read more...]

Help Keep Kids Like Syona Dancing


Syona’s mother describes her as a strong girl who “has been through things you wouldn’t expect for a three-year-old.” Syona has cerebral palsy, a condition that drastically affects her muscular development and control. Thanks to generous donations from individuals like you, Syona’s family can purchase the expensive assistive equipment their daughter needs. So far, Syona’s … [Read more...]

Send kids like Brandon and Abigail to camp!

Brandon enjoying archery at camp

Brandon and Abigail are fraternal twins, who were born 4 months prematurely. Abigail has cerebral palsy and a severe hearing impairment. Brandon suffered a brain injury shortly after birth during surgery, which resulted in damaged muscles and nerves on one side of his body. Their mom thought that they would never be able to go to camp. On the third day of Abigail’s first … [Read more...]