The small things can change a family’s life


Lilly was born seven weeks premature by emergency C-section. During the procedure her oxygen was cut off. Her mother Kelly believes that this is what caused her to have cerebral palsy. When they returned home as a family, Kelly and her husband noticed that Lilly was missing some milestones, her hands were not opening and key steps were being missed. When she was six … [Read more...]

Providing kids with a sense of belonging

Amy with her mom

Easter Seals camp gives children and youth with physical disabilities the freedom many of us take for granted. For kids like Amy Rybar, who has cerebral palsy, it removes the barriers of her everyday life. “It gives her freedom, and she gets to feel like a normal kid,” says Amy’s mother, Jennifer. “Last year was her first time at camp. She got to see that she was not alone, … [Read more...]

Resilient youth gives back


Eighteen-year-old Ryan Sasseville had dreams of excelling on Northern snowmobile race circuits. But on Christmas Eve in 2013, one accident changed all of that. After trying a jump Ryan realized his snowmobile was not going to land properly, so he jumped off. Ryan actually landed on his feet, but then fell onto his back and didn’t get up. The impact caused Ryan’s back and … [Read more...]

Camp – Giving kids a transformative experience


A.J. is a fun loving 11-year-old like most other kids. Unlike other kids though, A.J. hasn’t lived a single year of his life without breaking at least one bone. A.J. has osteogenesis imperfect, most commonly known as brittle bone disorder. In the beginning, A.J.’s parents, Arlene and James, were overwhelmed to learn of their son’s rare diagnosis. Their “new normal,” as … [Read more...]

Entertainment One supports Easter Seals camps


Bina and her husband Bharat are dedicated supporters of Easter Seals Ontario and have been for about three years. They are monthly donors and members of our President’s Circle. As if this support weren’t enough, Bina recently rallied her coworkers to support Easter Seals as well. Through bake sales, raffles and 50/50 draws, Bina raised just over $3,000 at her workplace, … [Read more...]