Is it important for me to attend the IPRC annual review?

The initial Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) for a student may take place at any time in the year, but the annual Review typically takes place at the end of the school year, in April, May or June. Legally, the parents or legal guardian must be invited to the IPRC meeting and you should attend this important meeting. The IPRC Statement of Decision is a legal … [Read more...]

Help Fill Easter Seals Kids’ Wish Lists


With your help, we can fill wish lists this holiday season and help provide children with access to the world. Here’s how you can make a difference... Nathan wishes for greater independence so he can do things on his own. For Nathan’s mom, she hopes they will be able to purchase a new wheelchair once Nathan hits his next growth spurt. While our wishes, holiday traditions, … [Read more...]

Special Education Advisory Committees (SEAC) Volunteer Positions

Did you know that according to Ministry of Education statistics: • Almost 14% of students (288,526) in public schools were reported to be receiving special education programs and services. • 191,898 were identified as Exceptional (9.19%) • 96,627 were not formally identified (4.63%) This means on average that 14% of the students in each school board are receiving … [Read more...]

Judy Brunton: Regal Gifts and Mabel’s Labels Fundraising

Judy Brunton

Judy Brunton, an Aurora mom, has been fundraising for Easter Seals Ontario since 2006. Throughout this time, she has been strongly involved in the Upper Canada Mall Easter Seals 10k Run founded by Joe Persechini, participating in the race each year and serving on the organizing committee. In addition, she runs a few different shows and events every year to raise as much as she … [Read more...]

Communicating for Success at School

Tai Young at Camp Merrywood 2011

There are a number of strategies that can be used by parents to develop a positive relationship, improve communication and enhance co-operation between home and school. Parents can: 1. Build a positive relationship with the school by being involved in their child’s learning and taking part in school activities. This might include attending parent teacher meetings, … [Read more...]